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Court Dismisses Zuma’s Corruption Appeal

South African President Jacob Zuma is not having the easiest of times. Following the decision of a court to reopen a corruption trial against him after it said the prosecution had no reason to…


How Brexit Would Affect Game of Thrones filming

Brits have voted in favor of Brexit: British exit from the European Union. That means that in the coming months, British and European leaders will begin negotiating the terms of Britain’s departure. Despite fears…

Wenger Not Planning to leave Arsenal for France

Wenger Not Planning to leave Arsenal for France

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has confirmed he has no intentions of leaving North London for his native country France. Wenger joined Arsenal in 1996 and has also coached French sides Nancy and Monaco, raising…


Read About The 6 Kinds Of Ladies br**sts

These are the 7 types of women chest… Read on to know which of them you have: 1. Unusually large: They are very robust and thick. 2. Unbalanced: these br**sts most times dangle from…