Another Chinese Firm Expresses Interest To Fund Bakassi Deep Seaport In Cross River. Photos

Oct 13, 2016

A Chinese firm, Tidfore Heavy Duty Equipments Ltd has expressed interest to fund the construction of the 260km superhighway and the Bakassi Deep Seaport in Cross River State.

Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mr. Tan Yang who disclosed this when he led a delegation of his firm to Government House, Calabar, on a courtesy visit Thursday, said the group also intends to venture into mechanised agriculture if the enabling environment is created.

He said his firm was prepared to invest in the country and the state in particular.

Yang who spoke through an interpreter further disclosed that the group which has its investments in over three African countries, is rated top five companies in China with over 4 billion USD sales value. He said his firm decided to pitch its tent in Nigeria because according to him, there will be no investment in Africa without one in Nigeria since it is the most prominent, important and heartbeat of the continent.

His words: “On arrival at the airport, as we look round, we saw a beautiful Calabar that is serene and with hospitable people and we felt at home and desirous of doing business here.”

Continuing, he averred: “Another thing that attracted us was the leadership style exhibited by the governor and the clear vision of the state in governance and we decided to come as friends of the state to partner you in these laudable projects with the view to funding them upon reaching flexible terms.”

Responding, Governor Ayade who disclosed that other Chinese groups have signified interest in various components of his signature projects, urged the company to make haste so as not to miss the opportunity of investing in the projects which he noted hold huge returns on investment.

He reasoned that apart from the signature projects, the state has identified 42 viable business options that they could venture into and urged them to take advantage of their visit to explore other areas of business concern for mutual benefits.

 He further disclosed that “Hannan province had made a commitment of bringing 100 manufacturers to station at the seaport to manufacture for African markets. Let me also inform you that, other neighboring countries who have also indicated interest in bounded warehouses to support their own countries’ import needs.

On the the need to develop local capacity , the governor said a state’s own infrastructure development company has been established to build capacities in the construction industry, and urged the company to focus only on bringing its technology to minimizing contracting so as to develop our local capacity, which he noted will save cost as well as create more wealth amongst the citizenry with guarantee and better returns on investment.


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