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Female robbers jailed after forcing man to twerk to gangster music (Photos)

Two women have been jailed for a knife-point robbery on a man in his Pokémon onesie, who they ordered to “twerk” to gangster music during the traumatic ordeal.
Ana Khan and mother-of-three Tanieka Higgins each received three years and nine months at Nottingham Crown Court today,the nottinghampost.com reported.
The pair held their terrified victim in a room of his home in Radford for an hour-and-a-half, while a third person filmed him dancing, before he escaped to safety through a window and raised the alarm.
Judge Jeremy Lea, who sentenced the women, said the robbery was in the man’s home where he was entitled to feel safe.

“He was, in effect, falsely imprisoned and this was really cruel, bullying behaviour. He was humiliated, he was made a figure of fun for your own amusement and then you filmed him. Knives were produced by both of you, not just once, but on a number of occasions. His ordeal lasted for about an hour-and-a-half. It only came to an end, in that he was so frightened he managed to escape through a window.”

 The women pulled out knives and told him the man they were going to stab him.

“He was frightened and feared he was going to be stabbed,”They both grabbed his wallet from his jacket, took £40, his house keys, headphones, pouch of tobacco and lighter.”
“After he was kept in the room, both women went with him to his room and stole a Pokémon toy and a duck-shaped soap-on-a-rope. He was taken back to Khan’s room.
“They demanded he dance to gangster music,” said Mr Armstrong-Holmes, who did not specify the tune he had to dance to. “They ordered him to twerk and ordered him to dance or ‘this is going into you’ [the knife].”

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