Man Stabbed In The Head With His Own Knife After Attacking Teenage Girls. Graphic Photos

A man who attacked two teenage girls with a knife was stabbed in the head with his own weapon by angry locals. The incident happened in the neighbourhood of La Boca in the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires when the man pulled out a knife, and is said to have attacked a 15-year-old girl who was playing a guitar with some friends.

According to local reports she was stabbed in the back, before the knifeman turned his attention to a 17-year-old, a university student who was sitting nearby and stabbed her as well.

The screams of the victims and their friends drew the attention of some men nearby, who quickly overpowered the knifeman.

A glass bottle was then smashed over his head, according to local media. Another person then disarmed him and stabbed him in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. The knifeman was conscious when medics arrived and took him and the two victims to hospital.

The condition of both girls was described as serious and both are currently being treated after surgery. The man is believed to suffer from psychological problems and is also recovering in hospital.

Police are investigating and are still waiting to interview all three about the incident.


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