Naked Man Dances On Police Car Before Performing Bizarre Yoga In Public. Photos/ Video

This bizarre footage shows the moment a stark naked bearded man was found DANCING on top of a police car – as an officer looks on. Captured by a stunned passer-by it shows the unknown man standing on top of a police car that is parked up close to a main motorway.

In the footage, which has been uploaded to YouTube , the man can be seen pointing his fingers in the air and doing a gentle jig while on top of the marked Ford Focus near the M32 in St Agnes.

After finishing the fancy footwork, the starkers gent sits down on the roof of the police car and performs some elaborate yoga-style arm moves.

The two unimpressed police officers look on at the scene, bemused as to what is unfolding at what appears to be an early hour of the morning.

Watch Video below;


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