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Pit bull mauled dad to death as his daughters desperately tried to save him

 A pit bull dog had to be tasered to death by police after it killed its owner in front of his two terrified daughters.

Stephen Hodgson’s brave teenage girls tried to save him from the seven stone animal , called Buster, in the third attack on its owner.

But he died from trauma and blood loss after it ripped open his jugular vein and carotid artery.
When armed response officers arrived at the family home, the floor and walls were covered in Stephen’s blood as were the clothes worn by daughters Jade, 19 and Carla, 17.

The pit bull Staffordshire cross had been locked in a bedroom at the house in Cleator Moor, Cumbria by the teenagers, who had been watching TV with their dad,Daily Record reports..

It was so aggressive police had to Taser it to kill it. The dog attacked the devoted dad-of-three ‘for no apparent reason’ as he lay on a bed, seizing him by the back of the neck in its jaws and hurling him to the floor.
It ripped away pieces of his flesh leaving a “ragged, gaping, wound”.It continued to maul him even as he lay prone and unable to defend himself.It had bitten Stephen, 45, as he separated it from one of the family’s other three bull terriers in November, 2015.
He needed hospital treatment for three bites to his arm.
The dog also leapt up and bit his ear during another incident.

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