Woman Goes On Rampage At Beauty Store After Failing To Collect Here Refund. PICS/VIDEO

A woman so annoyed she couldn’t get her money back for her £10 shopping went on a violent rampage, throwing the store owner to the floor. The shocking CCTV footage sees the customer being restrained by a man, as she picks up the owner in her other arm and unceremoniously dumping her on the pavement.

She had already kicked a glass door and thrown cabinets of jewellery scattering to the ground as she lost her temper with her own young child watching the angry episode .

The 69-year-old owner followed the woman on to the street as the row went on, but she was then attacked and left with cuts and bruises.

The footage was recorded inside Beauty Hair and Wigs on 8 Mile in Detroit, USA.

Police are investigating the incident.

Watch Video Below;


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